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Freedom Friendly Business

Mar 11, 2019

On The Make - a podcast for creative side-hustlers. Hosted by Josephine Brooks

Instagram - @josephinepbrooks

Episode 33 - A first for On The Make, I’ve got two guests on the line this week to talk about where to start with figuring out who your target audience are and how to speak to them. This is something that can seem really daunting when you’re just starting out or launching a product to a new audience group but it really doesn't need to be a painful process, as Helen and Lauren explain in this episode.

Knowing and understanding you audience is one of the foundation building blocks in building a business, and once you’ve nailed it, it makes everything easier, from deciding what to talk about on social media, deciding what product to launch next or deciding which magazines or blogs you want you business to appear in.

Full show notes at: