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Freedom Friendly Business

Dec 24, 2018

As this episode is coming out around Christmas it seemed a great time to share a bit of family history with you. In this episode I’m chatting with my grandma, who is now 91 but she spent her early years growing up in Shanghai and later in a Japanese prisoner of war camp. She shares her story of growing up in Shanghai and being in the prisoner of war camp, which is a real insight into a totally different time.

This conversation also served as a healthy reminder for me of how grateful I am to not have had to grow up in a time that was affected by war or lack of food where I live. The other thing I feel grateful for, having listened to my Grandma’s story is my freedom. The freedom to make things happen like growing my business and carving out ways to live life on my own terms, which is something I’ll always be grateful for.

Full show notes over at: