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Freedom Friendly Business

Sep 30, 2019

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In this episode I chat with Ray about the emotional side of money. What I love about Ray’s approach to money is that she starts with the emotional side before she gets into the practical stuff much later on. If we can understand what’s going on in...

Sep 16, 2019

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Leona Thrift-Ola started her first business on a market stall in Portobello, London and later, her first internet business launched in 2003 - before Topshop even had an online shop. Leona’s business journey is such an inspiring one and one we can all learn...

Sep 2, 2019

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Marianne’s book Be a Free Range Human is a book that really put a fire under me to grow my side-hustle and make it my full-time gig. I find Marianne’s approach to business so refreshing, it’s all about building a business that’s based around you and...