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Freedom Friendly Business

Jul 4, 2023

For your sales funnel to deliver… sales in your sleep - it needs to be working with quality ingredients. 🧑‍🍳

AKA a *PROVEN* offer that…

  • ✅ Sells - without it being a major slog
  • ✅ Delivers 5-star results for your clients 

To help you create (or finesse) your proven offer, I invited the queen 👑 of online course creation - Vix Meldrew onto the podcast

Tune into this episode to hear: 

  • 🎓 Common online course mistakes to avoid
  • 🎓 How much of your client’s results is up to you, vs them showing up and doing the work (and how to help them get the best results from your course)
  • 🎓 What you should be aiming for in terms of completion rate for your online courses, and how to boost it. 

And so many more nuggets of genius. This week’s podcast episode is GOLD, like seriously, you don’t want to miss it. You’ll want to get your phone notes open for this one… ✍️